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115 W California Blvd. Suite 201
Pasadena, CA 91105

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The Freemanfoxx Team
Paul Munoz
Real Estate Broker / Owner

Ph: 626.755.8800
Fx: 626.529.0116

"The greatest honor I have ever had is the opportunity to help others achieve a dream. When I first began my career in Real Estate, it was primarily the first-time buyers who I helped realize this goal. Over the years, many of my buyers became my sellers and many of my sellers eventually became my buyers all over again. For over 19 years, I've continued to prosper and grow right alongside of my clients. FREEMANFOXX is a product of that success. As a Real Estate Broker based in Pasadena, CA, today my business is primarily based on referrals and repeated clients. Because of my passion and love for this work, I have been blessed with the loyalty of my clients, their friends and the families of their friends."
Leo Dominguez
Real Estate Agent / Notary

Ph: 626.825.7479
Fx: 626.529.0116

"As a Realtor with over 14 years of experience, I have seen the ups and downs in the market. I have helped numerous families and young professionals alike purchase their first home. I take pride in providing my clients with the information and option(s) that allows them to make the best decision based on their budget and lifestyle. Through my personal experience with renovations I can help provide you with the tools needed to purchase the right home based on your needs and wants."
Elizabeth Reinke
Real Estate Agent

Ph: 949.444.4878
Fx: 626.529.0116

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